PATH: Process Adjustment by Tackling Hang-ups

PATH: Process Adjustment by Tackling Hang-ups

Learning how to program is hard, and many students in introductory computer science courses struggle to overcome programming challenges on their own. PATH supports struggling students by connecting them with peers in CS that have undergone similar obstacles. Using PATH, students can reflect on a struggle they face in CS, create an anonymized post, and receive advice and resource suggestions from peers focused on how and where to seek further help. The next steps for PATH include conducting a more in-depth user study and testing outside of an interview environment to determine if students would be comfortable sharing their struggles with peers and if the resource suggestions generated from peers are effective.

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  • Haoqi Zhang
  • Eleanor "Nell" O'Rourke

Ph.D. Students

  • 🎓 Harrison Kwik

Masters and Undergraduate Students

  • Dani Zhang
  • Ella Cutler
  • 🎓 Amy Guo