PATH: Process Adjustment by Tackling Hang-ups

PATH: Process Adjustment by Tackling Hang-ups

Learning how to program is hard, and many students in introductory computer science courses struggle to overcome programming challenges on their own; as students progress in Computer Science, self directed learning becomes more and more important. PATH seeks to support students identify relevant planning and metacognitive skills through a prototype that scaffolds students in their thinking about an assignment, the actions that went into that assignment, and the skills and beliefs that interacted with those actions. Students come away from PATH with a realization that they can apply skills to become more effective learners!



  • Haoqi Zhang
  • Eleanor "Nell" O'Rourke

Ph.D. Students

  • 🎓 Harrison Kwik

Masters and Undergraduate Students

  • Ella Cutler
  • 🎓 Amy Guo
  • 🎓 Dani Zhang