Frequently Asked Questions

When is DTR offered?
DTR is offered as a EECS 315/415 course every quarter. Students can start in any quarter. Most students choose to continue in DTR until they graduate.
When does DTR meet?
We meet for a single 3 hour meeting each week, and a separate one hour SIG meeting. The longer meeting is used for (1) Mysore--a structured learning and practice time where students work on their projects while a mentor provides feedback; (2) Pair Research; and (3) a Status Update presentation/activity from one project team. We require all students be able to make the longer meeting. The time for that meeting is scheduled by polling students to find the best mutually agreeable meeting time. Typically it's Thursday afternoon or Friday, but it really depends on everyone's schedule.
What is the right time to join DTR?
Whenever you are ready to grow. Most undergradute students join in Spring of their sophomore or junior year, and masters students in their first year.
Can I work on my personal project in DTR?
While students in DTR have a lot of freedom to choose a project from a set that we curate in the research areas we work in, the structure of DTR does not accommodate students working on their personal projects.
How many hours should I dedicate to DTR?
DTR is a hard class and will require at least 10 hours a week. Students joining DTR have the expectation that research is not a one week on, one week off endeavor, and instead requires making consistent progress and learning to be professional.
Can I take DTR as a fifth class?
Nope. DTR is a hard class and we don't recommend anyone taking more than four classes while one of them is DTR.
I am a CS/CE major. Does DTR count toward my major requirements?
For undergraduates, DTR satisfies the project requirement & Interfaces depth requirement. Depending on the focus of the project you work on, you may be able to petition for DTR to count for other depth requirements (e.g., CogSys or Systems).
How do I know if I am well-prepared for DTR?
Students entering DTR typically have taken a course in human-computer interaction or user-centered design, and have experience implementing systems in code via courses or personal projects (e.g., common data structure and algorithms; web or mobile development; past software engineering internships; etc.). Most students entering DTR have prior experience working on challenging personal or class projects. Students are not expected to have had prior research experience.
I have no experience with     (fill in the blank)    . Can I still apply?
Absolutely. We find that while prior experience matters, students who bring with them a growth mindset excel. Many of the current DTR students came in without knowing the technologies they build on. They learned by doing, failing, and doing again.
What are my chances of getting in?
Only one way to find out: APPLY!
I have a question and it's not covered here. Who do I ask?
Get in touch with Haoqi or anyone else in DTR.