Orchestration Scripting Environments

Orchestration Scripting Environments

Working well in networked communities requires that its members learn to access the support opportunities available for their needs, but this can be challenging for novices who have not worked in this way before. Mentors play an important role in teaching their mentees effective ways to get support from the network, but have limited awareness of how their mentees are accessing support across the network. Existing tools cannot help because they are designed to track task status or suggest predetermined actions rather than the effective ways of working in the community. We introduce Orchestration Scripting Environment, a block-based authoring environment that supports the encoding of learning situations and support strategies into machine representations using available data points across a networked learning community. Results from a pilot study show that affordances such as scaffolding questions, reflect & expand prompt, and a visual workspace enable mentors to describe a learning situation and its corresponding support strategies for a networked community.



  • Haoqi Zhang

Ph.D. Students

  • Kapil Garg

Masters and Undergraduate Students

  • Grace Wang
  • Linh Ly
  • 🎓 Chase Duvall
  • 🎓 Hang Yin
  • 🎓 Jason Friedman
  • 🎓 Kieran Bondy
  • 🎓 Rawan Mohamed
  • 🎓 Richard Huang
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