Dynamic Habitsourcing

Dynamic Habitsourcing

Building a habit is often a challenging task for many individuals. Our project, Dynamic Habit sourcing, investigates how dynamic habit sourcing systems can engage and motivate users in sticking with their habit building journeys. We seek to understand how we can generate immersive and interactive experiences that can increase engagement and motivation for the habit building user. The habit sourcing project presented a method of leveraging a user's personal goals as an incentive for data collection. Using this project's platform, we want to investigate how data collection can be leveraged to create better experiences for our habit building users. We aim to implement this approach through an iteration on the original Zombies Interactive app. Our application is focused on helping users build the habit of running by immersing them in the narrative of a post apocalyptic world. Our system accomplishes this by releasing moments (or tasks) opportunistically for the user depending on different factors such as the duration of the run or the user's proximity to known world objects. The system also handles the case when the user is not around any world objects by releasing a default moment. Screenshots of our interface can be found below.

Dynamic Habitsourcing image 1

Figure 1: Introduction I

Dynamic Habitsourcing image 2

Figure 2: Introduction II

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Figure 3: Music settings & Play Mission

Dynamic Habitsourcing image 4

Figure 4: Start run / End run



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