Collective Narrative

Collective Narrative

In today’s world, it is hard to find content that is not filtered through biased media, especially content that is geared toward specific communities, cultures, and countries. Also, there is a severe lack of content on social media that aims to celebrate cross-cultural differences and acknowledge similarities in our lived experiences. Not only is finding bias-free content difficult but creating content that represents society and cultures across countries accurately also poses a challenge in several ways. Firstly, telling convincing stories is a skill that takes time to develop. People who are not proficient storytellers, struggle to create content that is engaging for the viewers while also communicating the purpose of the story effectively. Secondly, finding accurate sources of information about other countries and cultures is a laborious task because it is hard to verify the legitimacy of the cultural representation of the specific country or its people. Through his project, we present a technique to help novice content creators generate authentic and unbiased narratives about two countries through a scaffolded approach with the help of contributors from these countries. Creators will (a) be provided with a customizable storytelling structure that removes the burden of researching effective storytelling practices, and (b) be able to request the participation of people from these countries to build the narrative by using their unique and unfiltered lived experiences. Through pilot studies, we demonstrate how this collaborative and representative approach to story-building can help create unbiased and meaningful content that can foster an environment for accepting differences and acknowledging similarities between people of different countries.

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Figure 1: Conceptual Diagram illustrating the process of debiasing story generation through a collaborative approach.

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Figure 2: Practical Diagram showing the process of creators choosing the scenes for their narrative for the part - Setting Context/World Building



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