Q&A Buddy

Q&A Buddy explores the metacognitive skill of help-seeking, and how we can best support it during CS1 office hours. We are designing and creating a tool that aims to help TAs deliberately practice and improve key areas of their teaching and coaching abilities. To do this, we help TAs gain a deeper understanding of what it means to become a "good TA," and then provide them with actionable strategies that they can apply week-to-week during their office hours settings. We focus on helping TAsĀ help students become better help-seekers, effectively transforming TAs into "help-seeking coaches" than "answer-givers."

Q&A Buddy image 1

Figure 1: The conceptual diagram of the issue at hand - how goals might not be aligned with the beliefs-strategies-actions-outcomes side of things.

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  • Haoqi Zhang
  • Eleanor "Nell" O'Rourke

Ph.D. Students

  • šŸŽ“Ā Harrison Kwik

Masters and Undergraduate Students

  • Li Kang Tan