Metacognitive Reflection

Metacognitive Reflection

This project specifically examines how to support student-researchers in improving their metacognitive processes as they work on independently-lead research. Prior research has introduced systems that scaffold students to reflect on their process as they work on through problems they are stuck on in subjects such as geometry, reading comprehension, and anatomy. However, there are no systems that can scaffold metacognitive reflection in complex, open-ended work like design research, where students may have to reflect on and address many aspects of their metacognitive practices and where specific knowledge of students’ metacognitive behaviors may be necessary to determine metacognitive risks and strategies for overcoming these risks. Our systems aims to provide scaffolding to improve students' metacognitive practices and work processes while leveraging community knowledge and providing support based on the student's current metacognitive risks.

Currently, we have developed a new model that consists of a note-taking tool, in-action cues, and the planning view dashboard. The note-taking tool is a framework for a conversation between mentor and mentee researchers in determining the mentee's metacognitive risks and developing an action plan for addressing them. These risks and this plan are then sent to the mentees during relevant work session to remind them to incorporate their these metacognitive process changes into their work. Finally, the planning view dashboard gives users a chance to reflect on these metacognitive improvements and reassess their metacognitive risks. This allows students to iteratively reflect on and track their metacognitive behavior to increase their ability to self-regulate these processes.

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Figure 1: 4-box model

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Figure 2: Planning view dashboard



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