Collective Experience API

Collective Experiences is a novel platform that coordinates people in real spaces in real time to participate in experiences. For example, if we wanted to create a timelapse video of the sunset from beaches around the world, we need to reach diverse user base that meet the participation requirements and crowdsource these photos. Our platform opportunistically identifies and notifies users who are in a situation where they can participate in an experience. After gathering participation data from a group of users, we can synthesize that data into a final product to create a unique video, photo collage, story or other forms of media compilation.

Our current direction considers how CE experiences can create new friendships. To do this, we ease the difficulty of interactions between strangers through triadic closures (knowing new people from pre-existing relationships) and through scaffolding interactions to resemble interactions friends have (self-disclosure, referring to a shared history).



  • Haoqi Zhang

Ph.D. Students

  • 🎓 Ryan Louie
  • 🎓 Vsevolod (Seva) Suschevskiy

Masters and Undergraduate Students

  • 🎓 Allison Sun
  • 🎓 Amy Yang
  • 🎓 Gino Wang
  • 🎓 Jennie Werner
  • 🎓 Kevin Chen
  • 🎓 Mary Truong
  • 🎓 Matthew Wang
  • 🎓 Navin Gopaul
  • 🎓 Ryan Jeon
  • 🎓 Ryan Madden
  • 🎓 Shannon Nachreiner
  • 🎓 Suzy Lee
  • 🎓 Yvan Chu